The Dirty Laundry blog is my place to put my daily delights and inspiration. Discovering new brands & products in beauty, food, fashion, health, home and lifestyle is what I do. I give you the deets on all of the trends and I scour the Internet to find the best inspiration for all of your crafty, gift-giving and plain old "I just gotta have it" needs. I hope you enjoy your visit!

~ Jeanee

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Jeanee Duval is a Jill of all trades. She has been a professional graphic designer for more than 12 years—nearly seven at Hallmark Cards as a greeting card designer and five at Borders Books as a web designer. You can view her design portfolio on

Jeanee’s passions include trend researching, blogging, being a social media enthusiast, and teaching. She is also the founder of the Kansas City Blogger Meetup group, arranging events and activities to support, inspire and connect local bloggers. Jeanee now focuses her blog meetup efforts in Miami with events such as the Madewell private shopping event and the designer behind the SoFloBrunch Series. In addition, she enjoyes sharing her knowledge of trends at speaking engagements like the SNAP! conference.

In addition, Jeanee is the founder behind Dirty Laundry, an indie biz she started more than five years ago that has evolved from one-of-a-kind, handmade aprons to the ever popular cupcakes bath fizzies to the Gift Scout gift guide.

Jeanee also has been a Zumba Fitness instructor for over 5 years. She has been recognized and awarded “Best Zumba Class in Kansas City” 2009, and one of “The Best of Kansas City” fitness classes 2011. Her Zumba sneakers are currently retired, but she can still bust a move.

In case you're wondering how to pronounce Jeanee's name, please see the video below. Jeanee’s knowledge and creativity is inspiring, and her enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Jeanee currently resides in Miami Beach, FL with her husband.


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The Dirty Laundry blog evolved as a place to put my stuff. I first started to make aprons and then discovered cupcake bath fizies are my niche. Since 2013 Dirty Laundry has become a spot for all things trendy.

The Dirty Laundress, my icon, is a reflection of me. She’s a crafty chick – sassy and sweet. She cooks, cleans, crafts and more – all on her own terms. The Dirty Laundress is my expression of the modern-urban homemaker who is a hostess-giving extraordinaire. And I’m guessing she’s a little bit of you too!



Well, in April 2007 I took a sewing workshop at work. I didn’t know how to sew at all, but I ended up making a beautiful apron. I found that I was a natural at sewing so I signed up for a basic sewing class.

A few weeks later on Memorial Day a friend of mine was having folks over for a BBQ. I got up at 9a Saturday and whipped up a hostess apron by noon. She and everyone loved it! I posted it on my Flickr page and it’s one of the most viewed photos I have.

I started my Esty shop in July 2007 selling my handmade aprons. That year I participated in a few local craft shows and I was HOOKED! I became a indie handmade biz gal.

Winter 2008 I introduced Dirty Laundry handmade cupcake bath fizzies. They are my little rock stars! Spring 2010 I decided to focus my business on them. Currently I'm not doing any sewing or any cupcake bath fizzie making. My goal is to scour the Internet to find the best inspiration for all of your crafty, gift-giving and plain old "I just gotta have it" needs.



• cupake bath fizzies

Bath bombs in mini cupcake shapes.

I figured that the Dirty Laundress needed a nice bath after a long day of work. So I came up with cute cupcake bath fizzies for her to take a bath at the end of the day. The cupcake bath fizzie has become the unique gift, a showstopper party favor and stocking stuffer.

I handmake the fizzies in my home kitchen. I hand mix the ingredients. And I use a mold for the "cupcake" and hand pipe the "icing."

All of the packaging is also done by hand down to hand cutting the labels.

The Dirty Laundry cupcake bath fizzie business is retired.







"How to be a Craft Show Genius" is a craft show tips book on how to be a star at a craft show. This book is for new crafters and even experienced crafters who have a few craft shows under their belt. Learn how to find a show, and what you need to do before, during and after the show.

The book includes resources to find craft shows online. Inventory and pricing formulas. In addition to, craft show participation, after the show evaluation checklists, and PDF hyperlinks to URLs.
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• gift guide

The Gift Scout, a brand new seasonal gift guide that I partnered with my bestie, Dayle Bennet. We working together, across 670 miles, to share our love for gifting and great products. We scout everywhere to curate trendy, unique and heartfelt gifts for you to give (and receive).











The Dirty Laundry blog is becoming a place to discover new brands & products in beauty, food, fashion, health, home and lifestyle.


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the my own and not a reflection of my previous/present employers or advertisers. I currently reside in Miami Beach, FL.