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I love good food photography, especially desserts. I've been noticing LOTS of colorful, fun and inspirational sweets. So here's THE DIRTY on my top 10 treats.


1. decorated Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

What a fun upgrade!
Sprinkles make everything better.


2. Hungry Policemen- 5x5 Metallic Print


3. ice cream cake pops
That's cake and not ice cream? It looks so real.


4. rainbow cake pops
I want one in each color.


5. ice cream party cake
HA! The top looks like melted ice cream.


6. Domo sandwich cookies
He's so cute.


7. chocolare carmel marshmallow pops
I'm going to dip some marshmallows into some caramel and chocolate one day! It's EVERYWHERE!


8. ice cream cone cups
What a cute idea to make little sleeves for ice cream cones.
Could use those decorative cupcake liners too.


9. chocolate cameos
Too beautiful to eat!


10. ice cream cone art
I love this whimsical photograph.


Hmmmm... now I'm in the mood for ice cream!
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