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what's the new cupcake for 2012?

Last year I blogged that the pie was the new cupcake and I predicted that mini foods on a stick (especially cake pops) were the next dessert trend.

In 2011 I didn't see a pie that tickled my taste buds, I had my share of cake pops and drooled over every recipe in the ON A STICK! book.

This year it is predicted that the American layered cake will tower above all desserts.

1. pink rainbow cake
2. pink stripe
3. 12-layer cake
4. sixlets cake

The beauty of colorful stacked layers of cake artfully decorated with confections is a sure crowd pleaser.

But if I see another rainbow cake I'm going to hit my head on a pot of gold.

image via Flickr


A subtle ombre is modern and classy.

The James Beard Foundation predicts that canelés are the new-new cupcakes.

image via


They are made from an egg-yolk-enriched crêpe-like batter that’s baked in copper molds lined with caramel and beeswax. Just don’t count on a table full of canelés at your kid's next birthday party or bridal shower. Individual molds go for around $25 a pop!

Hmmm, I've never a canelé. They sound expensive, complicated to make, and unattainable. They don't look very appetizing either.  The dark wet looking outside is reminding me of, uhmm... (you get the picture).

What's out? Mini desserts. The miniaturized cannoli, doughnut, popsicle, and the ever struggling macaron.

I predict that the cupcake trend will still go strong for 2012. They are cute, personalized, no mess to cut, serve or eat, and the perfect dessert portion.

1. DC Cupcakes
2. cupcakes
3. coffee and donuts cupcake
4. ice cream cone cupcakes
5. Cupcake Vineyards
6. vanilla almond & anise cupcakes


Cupcakeries are still popping up everywhere and shows like Cupcake Wars, DC Cupcakes and The Cupcake Girls are taking over the television.

It's going to take something bigger than a towering layered cake to knock out the mighty cupcake.

Reader Comments (2)

holy cow! those are some amazing sweet treats!!!
January 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercaitlin of wanderlustings
Canelés are amazing. They look awful and are an expensive pain to make, but they taste so good. The crust is thick, caramelized and a bit chewy and the inside is tender and has an egg custard taste. I was studying abroad in Spain and spent the weekend in Paris; there was a winter fair along the Champs-Élysées and one of the little shops had these. They were handing out free samples, but once I tasted them I had to buy some. I want to make them so bad, but they are finicky and the molds are excessively expensive (they are copper so I get why). I am thinking about trying a silicone mold (15 cavities for $13) though they don't come out as good, it still makes a decent product according to amazon reviewers. As for mini desserts... I am in love. I love mini food, especially desserts because they are the perfect size. I like sweet foods but not things that are excessively sweet or sweets in abundance so mini size treats are perfect for me.
September 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWhitney

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