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90 - photo diary

My photo diary for March 2014.

Spring has definitely sprung here in Miami even though the weather is always gorgeous. I'm so happy that my parents made their second visit to Miami to escape the Michigan snow and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

This month was my three year Instagram anniversary and I gained 1000 followers! I've pretty much kicked Facebook and Twitter (except tweet chats) to the curb. And speaking of tweet chats; every Wednesday I participate in the Alt Design Summit #altchat and I won a ticket to the summer conference! This will be my first time attending the blogger conference and I'm super excited!

And, thanks to an Istagram discovery, I'm trying out Your Tea for 14 days. I'm drinking the tea twice a day to combat bloatness and manage my weight. So I'm spring cleaning my body!

Did you know that if you turn in six empty M.A.C. containers you can get a free eye shadow or lip gloss? I finally had enough M.A.C. empty containers to get a free eyeshadow! This is my second free Sable eyeshadow. Love it!

My foodie moment of the month was trying out an recipe for Vegan Peanut Butter Swril Browies. This was my 1st time making brownies with black beans. And these gluten-free babies were so moist and delicious! I will be definitely making them again.

Hope you're having a happy start to spring! I'll see you on Instagram.


122 - gray is great

I've been loving the geometric ripples of the faceted trend! These objects are minimal, yet the sharp details gives a detailed surface. The neutral palette of soft and gentle shades of gray makes me love this trend even more! Here are some gray faceted pieces.

clock | ring | vase | glass




Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean

Andrea and Bryan are proof that couples that work together, stay together! I shared their story March 2010. This couple is still going strong after fourteen years of marriage and nine years of business!

Andrea and Bryan Ring, Amuck
design / metalsmithing
ETSY: amuckdesign
TWITTER: @amuckdesign
LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

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Andrea and Bryan are still focusing on making jewelry out of recycled street signs and license plates, even more so since 2010. Amuck is still a part-time endeavor since Bryan is still a book designer at Hallmark Cards and Andrea has moved from Halls department store visual merchandiser to Hallmark as a creative assistant building mockups for the visual merchandising team.

When I last checked in with Andrea, March 2010, she was working on a 365 Ring a Day challenge. She successfully completed it and a book under the same title was published in 2011. There was even an exhibit of many of the rings from multiple participants held in Seattle at Punch Gallery. Andrea had fourteen rings included in the exhibition. They were playful rings made from paper, plastic animals, street signs, a toothbrush and more. (See Andrea's 365 rings here.)

Recently Andrea finished the Brooch a Day 2013 challenge. (See Andrea's 365 brooches here.)

Last year Andrea and Bryan won an invitational award at the Kansas City Plaza Art Fair and they are currently planning the collection they will show at this September's Art Fair.

The couple has been taking some enameling and hand engraving courses to add to their skill set. So look out for new Amuck pieces!

The Ring's advice for a successful business is to "have fun, keep going and never give up." And they've stuck their own words. Andrea says, "If we weren't having fun there's no way we'd be able to continue. Actually some of the designs we are sketching out right now incorporate humor!"

Andrea and Bryan show that a partnership made from love and friendship can be a long-lasting business model and marriage.

You can catch up with other inspirational stories like the Ring's on Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean.


top 5 Sriracha snacks

Ever since Lay's Sriracha flavored chips hit the shelves last year, I've been seeing many snacks made from the Asian sun ripened chili hot sauce. This rooster sauce is totally trending and becoming everyone's obsession! There is even a Sriracha cookbook and Subway totally needs to bottle their Sriracha sauce. Yum-yum-yum! Here are my findings on the top five Sriracha snacks.

Lay's Sriracha chips - I could eat the whole bag all by myself! I fell in love with these chips during Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest last year. And I'm SO HAPPY to see them back.
FIND THEM: Target or your local grocery store.

Kettle Sriracha chips - I really like Kettle brand chips. But I haven't seen these anywhere yet. Totally need to do a Lay's vs Kettle taste test!
FIND THEM: online

Sriracha popcorn - Ah... Sriracha on popcorn? Yes please. Mix this with some hot cheese popcorn and you'll have a popcorn party mix!
FIND THEM: online

Spicy Sriracha peas - Crunchy green peas always satisfies my snack attacks. Mix them with wasabi peas for a super spicy snack!
FIND THEM: Target or World Market

Sriracha Pringles - OMG... driving to Walmart right now to get a can of these babies!
FIND THEM: available only at Walmart

What's your favorite Sriracha snack?


snacking reinvented

My husband and I are snackoholics. And he just happened to find this splendid snack service called graze! So I wanted to share it with you too.

For only $6, per nibble box, you get four tasty snacks delivered to you!

What is even more awesome is that each box is tailored to your taste. You go through graze's selection of over 90 delicious snacks and select trash, try, love or like to get your special snack mix. And it's totally true!

My husband and I receive different snacks in our boxes. Also, when you receive your box there are nutrition info for each snack. You can also choose for your box to be delivered every two or four weeks. And you can pick a low calorie box. Either way, all of the snacks are quite tasty!

Six dollars is such a great deal to get four healthy snacks in your mailbox. And that includes shipping too! Shoot, a bag of kale chips is like $6! Just look this fun deconstructed key lime pie! Only 108 calories of yummy.


You can get your first and fifth box for FREE using my friendcode: JEANEE12P.