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#8 Project Runway (PRW)

Now they kick off Louise from PRW. She should of left instead of Ramon on episode #6. They gave her one more chance and now they decide to give her the boot?!? What ev.

I'm keeping the same team. Even though Christopher kinda messed up last week he's still my #1 pick! I have 25 points total points and I'm in 1740th place. If I have the top scoring team for tonight I'll win a custom tee created by a season 6 designer!

cupcake car

Get your customized cupcake car!

So funny... you gotta wear the cupcake top hat too!

no work in progress

Hmmm... once again another week has gone by and I haven't created anything. My spare time has been spent working on fine tuning my dirty laundry business.

But I've come up with a MASTER PLAN for me to get some sewing done since I have a TON of apron orders I need to complete. So this is it:
Between 9p and 10p I HAVE to either cut some fabric, sew or press bath fizzies. I can't get online and do research, look at my Google Reader, Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr or anything else like that. And no matter how tired I am I can at least get my fabric and sit in front of the TV and cut away.

Let's see how that works for me!!!

In other news... I ordered some new scents for fall/winter cupcake bath fizzies. White tea ginger and lychee red tea. Ohhh! I'm also bringing back peppermint, ginger orange AND winter grapefruit. Also, I'm getting some new packaging for my cupcake bath fizzies! It's gonna be SO CUTE. Watch out 'cause the cupcake bath fizzies will be available on Etsy soon.


new online magazine

Lonny magazine is an online magazine that provides endless amounts of home inspiration. It launched TODAY!

Lonny is by some of the folks once part of Domino; Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline.

Check it out! It's 195 pages of GREAT stuff. And you can click on products and go directly to the web site. Neat-o!


#7 Project Runway (PRW)

I am still tore up that Ramon got eliminated from PRW last week! Here's what he had to say.

And... Christopher or Epperson should have won that challenge! Look at these BEAUTIFUL dresses!

Now I gotta choose a whole new team. And oh crap... it's teams again!

Of course Christopher is staying on my team. His designs take my breath away. I'm going to add Logan and keep Althea. Neither of them were in the preview for tonight's episode.

I have 12 total points and in 1965th place on the game.