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Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean

The funny thing about being Internet friends with someone is that you can actually end up meeting them in person! I met Diane, in person, at the Portland International Quilt Market in May 2013.

I was at the Market for my job, and I hear, "Dirty Laundry?!?" (It's really funny hearing someone call you by your blog name out of the blue.) I turned around and there was Diane, the lady responsible for much of my blog-how-to knowledge.

When I told Diane's story, in January 2011, she was at the height of her online class and ebook career. Diane's focus on her business has changed since then. So let's see what she's up to today!

Diane Gilleland
craft (Really, it is).
TWITTER: @craftypod
INSTAGRAM: @craftypod
LOCATION: Portland, Oregon

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Over a year ago Diane stepped away from publishing ebooks, doing online classes in crafty small-biz subjects and podcasting.

"These days, I'm focusing a great deal on English Paper Piecing and Plastic Canvas – two crafts I dearly love.

 I'm kind of at a big re-set moment – which is something that happens periodically in a self-employed life. It's a bit of a scary time. So I'm on a bit of a climbing path: new audience to build, new offerings to design and launch, new marketing techniques to learn."

Diane has some big projects in store for 2014. But unfortunately she can't spill the beans just yet. However, Diane just turned in the manuscript for her third book, which will be out from Storey Publishing in Spring 2015. And she hopes to write another book later this year!

Being flexible and diversifying your income in the world on self-employment is something that Diane lives by.

"Back in 2011, I thought that what I was doing then for a living would be what I'd be doing forever. I've since learned that, in the online world, things evolve all the time, and you have to evolve along with them. And the great thing about self-employment is, you do have the flexibility to change directions when your heart tells you to. Not that this is easy, mind you, but it's a wonderful option to have.

Diversifying has saved my financial life on more than one occasion. I'm always looking for a good balance of streams. Book-writing, for example, pays irregularly. You can't build a living on that. You need another stream that delivers revenues more steadily, to fill in those big gaps."

One of Diane's tips that really pays off is, participating in your online and offline community.

"I spend time every single week reaching out to others in social media spaces. In 2013, I made a concerted effort to organize and participate in more collaborative blogging projects, and that was hugely rewarding. The internet has grown so crowded over the last few years, it's almost like the old days now - where you couldn't speak to a stranger until you'd been "properly introduced." It's not that strict anymore. So as bloggers/business owners, we can be introduced to so many more new people just by joining forces once in a while."

I think that we're all in some type of stage of reinventing ourselves. Diane says,

"You have to keep taking deep breaths, do the work, be clear about what you want, and trust the universe."

You can catch up with other inspirational stories like Diane's on Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Soup Toppers giveaway


I have another Chicken Soup for the Soul giveaway for you!

Chicken Soup for the Soul has new Soup Toppers (they do not contain chicken). I had the opportunity to try out the White Cheddar Focaccia Croutons, Crispy Onions & Honey-Roasted Almonds Soup Toppers and the Zesty Tortilla Strips & Red Pepper Crisps Soup Toppers.

These toppers are not only for soups. They can be added to salads, sandwiches, a crunchy coating for tofu or other protein, and more!

I added the White Cheddar Focaccia Croutons, Crispy Onions & Honey-Roasted Almonds Soup Toppers to a veggie salad with homemade chipotle mustard raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The crispy onions totally reminded me of the onions on a Thanksgiving green bean casserole. The white cheddar crouton added a big crunch and cheesy flavor to my no-cheese salad. And who would think to add almonds to this mix? I didn't think it added much to the flavor of the Soup Toppers, but I didn't mind the health benefits of vitamins and minerals that the almonds added.

The Zesty Tortilla Strips & Red Pepper Crisps Soup Toppers could of been eaten straight out of the bag! The red pepper crisps have the similar savory flavoring as the crispy onions which made the tortilla strips special.

Instead of soup or salad, I placed the Zesty Tortilla Strips & Red Pepper Crisps Soup Toppers on my fiesta veggie bowl. Usually I have tortilla chips on the side. But having the crunchy Soup Toppers in my bowl made my meal even more delightful!


One lucky winner will win their choice of two Chicken Soup for the Soul Soup Toppers.

Soup Topper choices:
Grilled Cheese & Bacon Flavored Focaccia Croutons Soup Toppers
White Cheddar Focaccia Croutons, Crispy Onions
& Honey-Roasted Almonds Soup Toppers
Crispy Sour Cream Onions Soup Toppers
Zesty Tortilla Strips & Red Pepper Crisps Soup Toppers

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are you stuck in a rut? - ways to find out & how to get out

Today's Alt Summit Wednesday #altchat was about shaking things up to get out of a rut. Well, I quit my job and moved 1,500 miles away a year and a half ago. I quit my job again right before Christmas and I've been working from home ever since. Those are pretty big shake-ups, right?

My whole life has been do-do-do and go-go-go. Just recently my husband told me that I do "busy work." Busy work, WHAT?!? I have 15 emails to answer, a logo to design, a blog post to write, a product to review, figure out what's for dinner, go to they gym, events to attend, clean up for my parent's visit, and the list goes on. I'm doing things and I'm ALWAYS busy. I get client work done by the deadline and my calendar looks like a gay pride parade with a rainbow of due dates. In the #altchat Alt Summit asked: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A RUT? Hmmmm… me in a rut? What do I do when I'm in a rut? I'm always doing something. Wait, have I ever been in a rut? Am I in a rut now? How do I know that I'm in a rut?

Sure having a routine is great. You develop good habits. You get things accomplished. You're in the groove. But how do you know if you're just walking through life on cruise control? How do you know if you're in a rut and things need to shake things up?

You make the same 5 things for dinner.
You do the same workout.
Your selfie photo is the same.
You and your partner haven't tried that new sex position.
You wear the same outfit, hair and makeup.
You're out of ideas and you write the same blog post.
You go to the same places.
You use your 30 minutes of free time to tackle a chore on your to-do list instead of doing something you'd really like to do.

Do you know what you'd REALLY like to do on your free time that's inspiring? (Mindlessly looking at Pinterest doesn't count.)
Are you having fun?

O. M. G. I'm a to-do list slave on auto-pilot in a rut. I'm too busy to enjoy MY life. I'm doing all of this "stuff" but actually I'm kinda board. What am I really accomplishing (professionally and personally) with all of this "busy work"?

Of course we all have obligations and a busy schedule. But how many things do you do that you actually enjoy? Of course you have to answer that email, do the dirty laundry, read that business article and start dinner. But you have to do fun things so that you don't loose yourself and your happiness in the shuffle.

Let's flip the script! Let's shake things up! When you're happy your body releases endorphins. They let you work better, smarter and hustle harder.

1. Spend some time reflecting on what makes you happy. Pick one thing that makes you personally happy and do it  30 minutes a day.
2. Think of a new idea. Try an experiment for your business and see if you get results. A new blog post, a new product or service.

Did you say yes to anything on the above list? If so, do something different.

Make something new for dinner on Sunday.
Switch up your workout. Walk outside. Take a fitness class. Try out a new workout machine. Do your workout backwards.
Get a new self pose. Try out some poses that your girl crushes do.
Try that new sex position (more than once, LOL).
Buy a new shirt or accessory. Or shop your closet for a new outfit.
Have an at home spa day and try out some new looks. A new lipstick from the drugstore will work wonders.
• Have FUN!

I hope this blog post helped you figure out if you're in a rut or just need to adjust your groove. I know I just helped myself, LOL!

Alt Summit #altchat is every Wednesday at 9am PST / 12pm EST. This blog post is not sponsored by Alt Summit.


89 - photo diary

My photo diary for February 2014.

My month of February was filled with some good eats, as usual. Thanks to Vegan Cuts Snack Box and Graze Nibble Box I had lots of new snacks to try! I also made a lot of desserts: dark chocolate pomegranate coconut bark, pistachio coconut cacao truffles (recipe coming soon), cauliflower jerky, coconut milk pudding, and tofu chocolate & pecan cookies. YUM!

Cheers to some good eats in March! I'll see you on Instagram.


121 - gray is great

Happy Sunday!

I'm always looking for simple and classic pieces, that have interesting details, for my gray wardrobe. Here is a cute spring outfit that I've put on my wish list.

Savant Swing Dress - I'm sure this dress would be a bit longer on myself since I don't have long legs like the model, LOL. I love how versatile this gray dress is moving from winter to spring. It can be worn with leggings or tights on cooler days.

Lady Grey Lucid Ring - The geometric lines of this ring with fractured bismuth crystals makes a bold statement.

Janie Laser Cut Clutch - Cement Grey - Spring's must have trend in handbags are intricate laser cut patterns. This laser cut clutch is perfect!

ASOS PHOTOSHOOT Pointed High Heels - I love an ankle strap shoe! So sexy and classy.