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summer 2014 trend: pineapple

I've been seeing pineapples everywhere! I'm down for a summer piña colada, but these are not the pineapples that you eat. We're talking about pineapple fashion, accessories, art and things for your home. I've been invaded by pineapple dreams so I designed a geometric pineapple this morning!

You can get my geometric pineapple design on shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, phone cases, clocks, pillows, framed art and more! I love my modern pineapple art, fitting for guys and gals. Here are more pineapples!

Glazin' Girl Pineapple Bikini | Pineapple Print Bikini | Pineapple Print Skiny Jeans
Pineapple Sweater | Pineapple Printed T-shirt


Pineapple Cufflinks | Pineapple Cardholder
Tropical Throwback Earrings | Pineapple Watch | Pineapple Dream Headphones
Gold And Black Pina Colada Flat Sandal



Pineapple Fabric | Black Pineapple
Paper White Pineapple | Oversized Pineapple Calendar
Pineapple Tattoo | Paper Pineapple


 Pineapple Ice Trays | Vintage Silver Pineapple Ice Bucket
Salt & Pepper Shakers | Pineapple Jar | Footed Brass Pineapple Dish | Brass Pineapple Candle Holder
Pineapple Table | Pineapple Party Cups


Are you feeling tropical yet! Sorry watermelon, pineapple is the fruit of the season!



7 Reasons to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

My 3rd article for is live! It's called 7 Reasons to Clean Your Makeup Brushes.

I wrote this article for myself. I know that I'm supposed to wash my makeup brushes, but I always forget or find an excuse to do it later. So here's a little tough love to get scared straight to clean those makeup brushes in the regular!

1. It can make your acne reoccur.
I'm almost 40 and I still get zits. Using dirty makeup brushes can create a never-ending cycle of breakouts.

2. It can irritate your skin.
Have you ever used your blush brush and it feels like your getting poked in the face with tiny needles? That's because your brush has old product caked on it. Your cosmetic brushes should feel like a soft cloud on your face.

3. It can give you diseases.
Dirty lip gloss can get you herpes and sharing mascara can give you pinkeye. YUCK!

4. Don't cross-contaminate your brushes.
Having a separate brush for each cosmetic to avoid contamination between them.

5. It can give you the wrong color.
Have you ever put on an eyeshadow and it's not as vibrant as you'd like? That's because your cosmetic brush is dirty.

6. It can trash your cosmetic brushes.
Not cleaning your brushes can destroy them.

7. Don't use your hands.
Dirty makeup brushes are just as bad as using your fingers. The oils on your hands spread bacteria around your face much more easily than brushes.

Do you feel like washing your makeup brushes yet? Or just start over with some new ones? You can get quality professional makeup brushes from 40% off at We're talking $15 for a set of 12 brushes!

Read my full article on 7 reasons to clean your makeup brushes at to learn more! And you can read my other AWS articles here.


4 Gray Bathing Suits for Summer

124 - gray is great

Memorial Day weekend is here and it's giving everyone summer fever. There is only four weeks until June, 21: the official first day of summer. So I've done a roundup of four gray bathing suits that are soft and edgy!

• Bows + Arrows Top and Bottom - This bikini is totally in spring garden trend with gray, black and white flora lpattern.

Brigitte camouflage-print underwired bikini - I LOVE this cameo top and full bottom! Perfect for me.

Halter Bandeau and Skirted Bikini Set - This snake skin bikini is cute too. The light gray gives it a softer summer feel.

Animal Print Gray/Grey White One Piece Swim Bathing Suit - Va-va-voom! This python peek-a-boo bathing suit is totally Miami.

8 of My Favorite Spring Gifts from the Gift Scout Gift Guide

Easter and Mother's Day are holidays that are long gone. But there is still plenty of spring gifts to give! Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries happen all year. Memorial Day is a few days away and it usually marks the beginning of summer. But it's still spring! We have a month until the first day of summer on June, 21st. So it's not to late to share with you eight of my favorite gifts from the spring issue of the Gift Scout gift guide!

True Love Magickal Mineral bath salts with cardamom, chocolate and roses. Oh my! And I just love the packaging.

The House Guest White Whale bold cocktail mixer s set made with exotic juices and garden-fresh herbs. Delish! Perfect gift for any foodie and the bottles are cute too.

• CÉLFIE  tee. You're French with this selfie boyfriend t-shirt. Too cute!

Salad Utensil Set and Wooden Bowl. I'm loving the pop of teal on these classic kitchen tools.

Garden Buzz Dessert Plates. These plates are totally on the floral trend. But they may be too pretty to eat on!

Boxcar Planter. This planter will make an awesome addition to any table, desk, windowsill, or any other flat surface for a guy or gal.

ASOS Floral Laser Cut Clutch Bag. I LOVE this clutch. An otherwise plain nude envelope clutch is brought to life with lace lazer cutouts.

If you need more gift giving inspiration checkout the spring 2014 issue of the Gift Scout gift guide!


How to Say My Name

All my life people have mispronounced my name, even right after I tell them. So I made a little video so you'll all know how to say: Jeanee.


How to Say My Name from Jeanee Duval on Vimeo.