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Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean

I'm totally a secret admirer of Jess Constable. I discovered Jess in 2010 and I was totally in love with her message of “designing a life with intention.” In May 2010 followed her steps to makeunder my life. And I've been following Jess' business transform over the years, while I transformed my own business and life too.

When I interviewed Jess in August 2010, she was thriving her in Jess LC jewelry business while fulfilling her purpose: helping others makeunder their lives. Jess LC grew into jewelry, bags, iPad cases, posters, stationery, totes, scarves, and trays selling to over 100 stores in North America and online sales reaching Paris, Singapore, Japan, and South Africa. And yet, in 2012 Jess closed the Jess LC Shop to be in the business of helping others full time. Let's see what Jess has been up to!

Jess Constable
: writer, teacher, and speaker helping people to approach life from an intention-based perspective
from Rochester, MI currently living in Chicago, IL

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I'm always amazed by Jess' BIG heart and all of the business information and personal fulfilment inspiration she provides on various platforms.

Of course, Jess' blog is filled with entrepreneurial and personal life inspiration and tips from Jess herself. She is always so open and personal while giving attainable things to do.

You can get intention in your inbox when you sign up for her newsletter (see the sidebar on her blog). I really like receiving Jess' emails because I never have time to check my feedly blog reader anymore. When I receive Jess' messages in my email they usually the exact thing I need to hear at the moment!

This month Jess launched a new podcast called The Lively Show. It's little 45-minute conversations Jess has with business bloggers talking about topics on personal habits, relationships, and career. It's great to listen to in the background while working. 

I was so happy that Jess asked me to review her Business with Intention Workshop At Home. Jess's workshop includes a series of seven videos from eight successful business owners. I love that these videos are included with a workbook. The videos brings the information to life with Jess' casual couch conversations.

Another new project Jess is working on is a new live online class called Life with Intention Online. The 1st session is March 11-18.

"During this week long online class, I will teach you an entirely new way to approach your possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career by using one universally true and refreshingly peaceful intention-based process."

As you see Jess has totally dived into the business of helping others full time!

"Switching to business consulting, from something that was successful and going really well, to the life side of things, has been a bit leap of faith. But I felt called to do it (literally I asked my gut what to do). So lately I've been living in that patient and faithful way as people were sad about my jewelry business services closing to focus on this next chapter.

I had no idea that my life would take the path specifically that it has. But on the other hand, I did know I always wanted to help people live intentionally. So though I never would have imagined "how" it would come to pass, this destination is not all that surprising from a larger perspective.

I don't like to think about goals too much, but I do have dreams! It would be lovely to teach the Life with Intention process to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I would love to do a TED talk. I'd love to write a book."

Not only has Jess' business life changed, her personal life too.

"Since my last interview I met my husband, dated, and got married! We now have the sweetest Westie, (Ben) Franklin, and live in a lovely apartment. I'm also designing a hotel lobby - something I never would have expected to be doing a few years ago!"

So inspiring. Thanks Jess!

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36 - too cute Tuesday

Temps are already reaching 79 degrees here in Miami. So it's time to start thinking about this year's swimsuits. I found these scuba inspired rubberized black bikinis that are faux leather sexy and just too cute!


Byron Bay rubberized neoprene bandeau bikini

Trestles racer-back rubberized neoprene bikini

Lisa Marie Fernandez Rubber Neoprene Zip Bikini

Rincon rubberized neoprene bandeau bikini


how to fix limp roses with washi tape

Have your Valentine roses gone a little limp because of the heavy rose buds? Well, here is a fun decorative way to spruce them up with washi tape!


• washi tape
• toothpicks

First break one toothpick in half. And then tear off a piece of washi tape, about 6 inches.

Place one half of the toothpick on the rose steam near the base of the rose where it has bent over.

Wrap the washi tape around once and then add the other half of the toothpick on the other side. Then continue to wrap the washi tape around hiding the toothpicks while providing support to the stem.

Sometimes you may have to use a full toothpick.

And there you go! Now you have a decorative washi tape bouquet of roses that aren't falling over.

Hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!


Where are they now? THE WASH, crafty girls come clean

One of the things I miss about living in Kansas City are all of the cool craft shops to find unique fabrics, paper and yarn. The only thing I've found here in Miami is a Michael's (which is a pain to drive to). I don't even know where Jo-Ann Fabrics is located! One of the shops that I miss the most is Urban Arts + Crafts. Owner, Karen Roark, always made me feel welcome. She even sold my cupcake bath fizzies there :)

Her story was the last THE WASH story I wrote in October 2011. Let's catch up with Karen to see where she is now!

Karen Roark
MAIN CRAFT: shop owner of Urban Arts + Crafts
FACEBOOK: Urban Arts + Crafts
LOCATION: shop = 4165 N Mulberry Dr, Kansas City, MO
Karen = Kingman, Kansas. Currently living in Westwood, Kansas.

•   •   •

Three years ago UA+C moved to their third store location, just three doors down from the previous location! The store has beautiful hardwood floors, a private classroom area (which customers really like) and a separate fabric department with two large cutting/working tables in the center. 

"Right now our store is trending on yarns and fabrics. Everyone loves to knit during the winter. It's been so cold here [in Kansas City] that people are enjoying bundling up in their cozy hand knit or hand crochet scarves!

The scrapbooking trend is on the down turn, but we have always focused on more of a "Paper Arts" approach with the products we carry. Framing, decopauge projects, buttons, and journaling items are all still very popular. Metal stamping is also very popular and is sort of "my thing" right now. I love the wack of the hammer and the ability to personalize what you make."

"What hasn't changed is the desire for people to take classes and learn - which  is wonderful! We're so happy when people want to take on a new challenge such as knitting or sewing."

 Last year Karen started a blog, It's been a place for her to share many of her favorite Urban Arts + Crafts projects along with a few of her personal projects. This woman does it all! Sewing, jewelry making, knitting + crochet. Karen recently purchased a digital camera and she was having so much fun with it that she started a blog as an excuse to practice photography.

"I've realized that I love photography! I can't believe I didn't get into photography earlier in my life."

Karen still stands by her advice to those thinking of opening their own shop.

1. Get your finances straight and get a GOOD accountant.

2. When you turn what you love into your business, be sure you're prepared to handle it when people don't love what you do.

3. I've always been told, before you start a business, should know and plan your exit strategy. (And nope, I still don't have one.)

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coconut milk pudding: 3 ways

Over the past several months coconut has become my best friend. And I used to dislike coconut! Now my kitchen it stocked with coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut milk and roasted coconut chips.

One thing that I make almost every week is coconut milk pudding. You can add matcha for a green tea flavor, cacao for chocolate pudding. Great for anytime of the day, this low calorie, vegan, sugar-free pudding is a treat!

Here's how to make it!

• 1 can of organic unsweetened coconut milk (not lite), refrigerated

• 1/3 cup chia seeds (white or black)

• 1-2 TBS organic brown rice syrup

• 1 TBS of matcha or cacoa powder (optional)
Makes about 4 1/2 cup servings.

First you need to refrigerate the coconut milk. Place in fridge. I usually leave mine in overnight. If you can't wait place in the freezer for an hour. However, the long that the milk is refrigerated and sets, the thicker it will be.

Open the can of coconut milk and you'll see that it's nice and thick. This will not work with lite coconut milk! I've had some coconut milks that don't work. Native Forest and Trader Joe's Coconut Cream works well.

Pour the refrigerated coconut milk into a blender. I have a Vitamix. Be careful as you scoop it out because there will be some liquid in the can. You can open the can upside down if you'd like. Put in the chia seeds and start with the 1 tablespoon of the organic brown rice syrup to sweeten. Then blend! I've found that you can't see the chia seeds if use black or white. Also, add more rice syrup to taste if it's not sweet enough for you.

The pudding will be a little runny looking, like a yogurt, from the heat of the blender blades mixing the pudding. But the chia seeds will thicken it up when you refrigerate it. Pour the mixture into a plastic container and seal with the top. Then place in the fridge overnight. And viola! You have coconut milk pudding! If you can't wait another day to eat the coconut pudding you can certainly eat it now, it just won't be as thick.

I love to have coconut milk pudding in the morning as a parfait with granola and some roasted coconut chips.

To make green tea or cacao pudding just add a tablespoon of either powder to the recipe. You may want to start out with a little less powder, then add more to taste.

What's really good is chocolate coconut milk pudding with pomegranate seeds! It's like a chocolate covered strawberry to the next level. A very Valentine treat for you and your sweetie!